Lana Del Rey - National Anthem (Official Video)

The beauty of this visual lies in the simple art of story telling. The romance and reality of JFK and Jackie O is retold with the same glow that it once was written in. Beginning with the classic Happy Birthday song famously sung by Marilyn Monroe for Mr. President, it slowly grows on to be what we know as History. Shot like a vintage home movie, this video is pure and  pure genius as it blurs the fine line between actual and drama and makes you enjoy it. If you ask me, Del Rey has banged the nail on its head with her aura and haunting voice. Must Must Watch.

Absolute Love.

Dolce and Gabbana Spring 2013 - Men

Inspired by Kshatriyas (Indian warriors), this collection has plunged into the mysterious land of brave and beautiful, India. Well partly of course. Those pieces bring out the modern quirkiness through a traditional story telling. This is not the first time a label of International repute has been awed by my country. Last year Chanel had created a Paris-Bombay collection. (Watch here : More pictures coming up. 

Absolute Love.

Known for their Progressive Electro House music, the hugely popular 'Swedish House Mafaia' announced on 24th of June 2012 that they are breaking up and the current tour they are on will be their last. Axwell, Steve Angelo and Sebastian Ingrosso might have decided to part ways but their music together will be missed gravely. A sad news indeed.

Few of their hits :

1. Save the World

2. Miami to Ibiza

3. Greyhound

4. Antidote

5. One

Louis Vuitton: The Art of Packing.

Out of all the people I should know the degree of difficulty attached to packing. ‘How to pack’ is a week’s job for me after I have decided ‘What to pack’ and i never get it right the first 3 times. However, this cute little video has helped me, in a couple of ways: 

a) To provide a perspective and some handy techniques on the topic.

b) Inspired to realize the age-old dream of owning this exquisite piece of Luggage.

So while I go and start my piggy-bank to save some money for my future purchase, you go ahead and watch the video.


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Maroon 5 : One More Night (Lyric Video)

Do you know what being on a roll means? Apparently Maroon 5 does and how ! One after another, their music keeps getting melodious. Some say the failure of their last album ‘Hands All Over’ and the miraculous sing ‘Moves like Jagger’ that saved them from tanking has been the lucky charm and there is no stopping ever since.

This song in particular is bound to be your instant favourite, it is mine. The forth coming ablum, ‘Overexposed’ looks extremely promising from where i am looking.

Absolute Love.


*So I cross my heart, and I hope to die..

That i’ll only stay with you one more night..*

What to wear when you do not want to dress up, yet want to look chic?

It happens to the best of us. Some mornings we all stare into our crowded wardrobes sleepy eyed hating to start the day while the sun is already up and waiting. But we all cannot go in our tracks and night shirts can we? So here is what you do :

1. Pick out the best Oversized Shirt you have in your closet.

2. Take our the matching Leggings or Denims if you have patience to.

Make sure that one of the two above are in a bright lively hue. Remember you are attempting to make Lazy look Smart.

3. Quickly glance at your dressing table and decide on a small tops for the ears, lipstick shade and kohl.

4. Do not style your hair. Leave it open gathered in one side. If you are having a bad hair day, just make plates towards one side.

5. Shoes. Chose flats. Ballerinas, open sandals anything. One tip: Always invest in good quality shoes. Makes all the difference in the world.

6. Bag. Small, handy, in a neutral colour. For me, beige-brown works with everything.

7. Just a spray of your favourite perfume to make you feel fresh and awake.

8. Put on your aviators or any sunglasses you prefer and you are good to go. You might even attract a few stares Lady.

That is the exact same thing I have done today, but you are not suppose to tell anybody that. :P Hope it helps. For more queries on Fashion, Styling or Music just drop in a mail at


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